Fajada Butte History

Fajada Butte dominates the landscape.Exposed rock layers reveal region’s geologic inhuman history. Cliff House Sandstone former the upper layer with deposits of fossil shells, clams, shark teeth and marine sand. Menefee Formation former the lower layers, combining siltstones and mudstones interbedded with sandstone, shale, and thin coal beds. This easily eroded formation undercuts the harder […]

Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon

Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon Atop Fajada Butte Chacoan sky watchers commemorated the movements of the sun and the seasons. Sunlight passed between three boulder slabs onto a spiral petroglyph to mark the suns position on summer solstice, winter solstice , and the equinoxes. The Chacoans had sophisticated knowledge of the sun and moon as shown by […]

Unexpected wood source for Chaco Canyon great houses

My husband found this article about Chaco Canyon which I thought would be of interest, especially in light of the photos I posted on this blog after our trip there a year and a half ago. Original Article: popular-archaeology.com Dec 2015 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA—The wood in the monumental “great houses” built in Chaco Canyon by […]