Malheur National Wildlife Refuge- Another Look

All Photos by Michael Poe copyright 2015 A lot has happened at or near the refuge in the past few days some good, the militants leaving, and some regrettable, loss of life and sacred artifacts bring tampered with to name a few. I thought you might like to see more photos from this area. By […]

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Sanctuary For Wild Birds and Wildlife

  The above photos are only a small portion of the reason this area attracts birders, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts year round. Malheur is the focus this winter of a dispute between militia groups and the federal government and this need to stop and stop soon! The fact that no one wants the militants there seems […]

GBH, Great Blue Heron

I saw a post by Amy at shareandconnect this morning,featuring a beautiful Great Blue Heron and thought I would share two photos my husband took. These were taken at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, in Washington, last year. also last year we had the pleasure of five herons congregation in the fir trees near our apartment […]