Tidbit for Friday

Although I publish mostly photos on this blog, occasionally I come across something else in the way of news so here goes.

Today I was checking around for coffee filters online. I checked Melitta, which I know to be a source for filters, and couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the description for the # 2 filters. I’ve included it below:


#2 CONE FILTER WHITE – 40 CT. – #622704

Micro fine flavor enhancing perforations release coffee’s full flavor, while filtering out impurities for a richer tasting cup of coffee.
Double crimped filter design for extra strength and durability is guaranteed not to burst.
Chlorine and Gluten free.
Kosher certified.
Package of 40 filters.
Melitta number 2 filters fit all coffee makers designed with a number 2 cone – 4 -6 Cup electric machines.


What knocked me out was ( and is) the claim that these filters are Gluten Free! Are they kidding me? Do they know what Gluten even is? 

This is just too much, for the 1 per cent who have digestive problems related to gluten I’m glad they have more choices, for the rest of us…Please food companies(and others), please look up the definition of Gluten and quite labeling food and other products that couldn’t possibly have gluten in them, like the above mentioned filters, Gluten Free!

Oh, and their filters are chlorine free, which I can kind of understand, but Kosher certified? Shouldn’t it be the coffee that is Kosher certified and not the filters? Silly me, but we’re not mixing meat and dairy here unless you add milk to the coffee, but that’s an entirely different subject!

Ok I’m sure you noticed it’s Saturday but I wrote this last night while on a rant…but I’m passionate about this subject, being a bread( yes gluten is my friend, and no I don’t want to make gluten-free bread) baker.

I do however recreate ancient breads and make a fabulous Focaccia!



Granville Public Market- More Pics

Granville Public Market
Granville Public Market

Granville Public Market
Granville Public Market

Granville Public Market
Granville Public Market

Granville Public Market
Granville Public Market

This market as you can see for yourself is a great place to shop, especially in rainy weather! We had a great time looking around, and when we wern’t we stopped for a sandwich and coffee in the food court!

Photos are by Michael Poe copyright 2015




What’s wrong with Starbucks?

What’s wrong with Strabucks, they never seem to get my order right anymore! I’m a confirmed coffee drinker, so I can find a decent cup of coffee almost anywhere but my husband who discovered coffee late and who likes cold coffee drinks, enjoys Starbucks frappa(I don’t want to infringe on copyright laws),uccino,blended drinks,so that’s where we go for coffee a lot of the time.
Whipped cream, that’s all I ask, but invariably these days even though I make sure the barista knows I want it, I either don’t get enough or I get none at all! Maybe it’s the non-fat milk I want,( I usually get a mocha with non- fat milk and whipped cream ), that confuses people…no since I make sure to ask for the cream I should get it right? My husbands drink always contains ample whipped cream…more than enough so…what’s the deal?
For 4.00 plus dollars for a single drink you would think you could get what you want and indeed many do, just not me. Maybe my drink is not complicated enough!
I guess I’ll have to try harder.
Just as an aside I found this article on coffee as I looked for an image to use.
Great stuff for those who are forever addicted to coffee.
By joanna Linsley-Poe
Copyright 2014 all rights reserved.

The link below will take you to: Coffee: Drug, Medicine Or Sacrament?

July 31, 2014 | By Sayer Ji


No credit given for this photo


Pumpkin,breakfast, lunch and dinner

Here before you is my pumpkin menu for October 20, 2014

Your choice of
1. Pumpkin instant oatmeal
2. Pumpkin granola
3: pumpkin pancakes
All of the above served with Pumpkin spiced coffee, and pumpkin butter on pumpkin bread!

A simple meal we have for your pleasure
Pumpkin soup and pumpkin corn bread, slathered with pumpkin butter!
Served with pumpkin spiced coffee.

What a treat!
Pumpkin ravioli with pumpkin spiced Alfredo sauce!
Green salad with pumpkin croutons
For desert: pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin biscotti
Served pumpkin ale

Pumpkin pie is also an enduring option and the best in my opinion

I rest my case!
By Joanna Linsley- Poe
Copyright October, 2014


Photo by Wikipedia

Yes we have no banana’s– just pumpkins galore!

It’s the season of the pumpkin! This year more than ever you can find food and yes even coffee drinks flavored with pumpkin. The drinks are not entirely new, I’ve seen them for a few years, as is the pumpkin bread. Pies made with pumpkin are a staple I know, but now there’s pumpkin energy bars, yogurt and as I left the store today I swear I saw pumpkin chips ( an interesting take on the potato but not quite the same thing )!

I’m afraid I like my pumpkin the traditional way, in a pie, or stepping out on the wild side, as bread, all the others are over kill. Personally it’s a bit like Thanksgiving for me. After I eat diner,make sandwiches, a casserole or what ever I don’t want to see turkey again for at least 6 months ( yes, I know that rules out Christmas, but isn’t the that why so many people make ham in the first place )?
I have a fondness for banana muffins, with chocolate chips, and bread with pecans, for which it looks as if I’ll either have to make my own,( I’m still looking for a good recipe ), or wait until after the new year to get either one. Mind you this is despite the fact bananas are available all year. It just goes to show…sometimes it’s not what you want it’s what the gods of advertising think you want whether you like it or not.
Anyone with s banana recipe? How about pumpkin spice?
Bon Apptite!
By Joanna Linsley-Poe
Copyright October 2014
Photo from Wikipedia


Pet Peeves of mine

Here are some of my peeves:

People who smoke Cigarettes to close to the entrance of a building.

People who seen incapable of parking their car straight no matter how much room they have. People who park so close that you can’t even get your car door open let alone get into your car, and people who park half in a no parking zone and half in the space next to it.

Clerks in a store, or anywhere else for that matter, who are to sunny and happy before my 2nd cup of coffee.

Salespeople who after asking me if I need help, keep following me around making suggestions about merchandise even though I have told then I’m just looking.
There are also stores like Best Buy that have so many customer service agents you are asked about every five minutes, by a different clerk, if you need help and then when you do actually have a question they are nowhere around.

People who are sunny and bright without drinking any coffee! Those people make me nervous. There’s just something wrong with anyone who doesn’t like coffee! My opinion of course.

Cashiers and customers at the supermarket checkout line who hold “family” reunions or oh and ah over small children— especially when you are in a desperate hurry to get anywhere else like you

Hotel bathrooms without grab bars or enough grab bars in the bathroom. Also not enough towels.

Speaking of hotels…What’s up with not bring fresh towels for two days. Oh we got towels but only after we called the front desk twice and then the clerk didn’t take the dirty towels he just brought new ones. Poor service I should say. I’m all for reusing towels to conserve water but in this case we needed fresh ones which were hard to come by.

A peeve of mine is not enough creamer to go in my coffee and paper cups that are 8 ounces and the coffee maker brews 12 ounces. Why would a hotel do such a thing?
Oh and what about pod coffee, if your going to have a pod coffee maker, at least give me good coffee!
To be continued…

September 28, 2014 copyright