Here are photos of Shiprock , near the town of Shiprock NewMexico( for those not familiar with the location). These photos were taken last March in the afternoon. When we return I’ll try to get morning shots, hopefully when it not so cloudy and stormy.

My first look at Shiprock reminded me of the small island in Crater Lake…a miniature Shiprock. The photo is included here.










Windows&Doors,Aztec Ruins 2

It amazed me is the way the windows lined up from building to building and that goes for the doors as well.


This is last photo I published before but it reminds me of the same occurrences at Chaco Canyon…doors walled up when someone dies.

Could this be the case at Aztec, I think so.


Windows & Doors,Aztec Ruins

The arrangement of the windows inside the Kiva and the light reflected ¬†through them fascinates me. The time spent observing the Sun to get the placement just right…in so many of our ancient cultures it was so important to do that…to take the time.

Inside the Kiva