Tidbit for Friday

Although I publish mostly photos on this blog, occasionally I come across something else in the way of news so here goes.

Today I was checking around for coffee filters online. I checked Melitta, which I know to be a source for filters, and couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the description for the # 2 filters. I’ve included it below:


#2 CONE FILTER WHITE – 40 CT. – #622704

Micro fine flavor enhancing perforations release coffee’s full flavor, while filtering out impurities for a richer tasting cup of coffee.
Double crimped filter design for extra strength and durability is guaranteed not to burst.
Chlorine and Gluten free.
Kosher certified.
Package of 40 filters.
Melitta number 2 filters fit all coffee makers designed with a number 2 cone – 4 -6 Cup electric machines.


What knocked me out was ( and is) the claim that these filters are Gluten Free! Are they kidding me? Do they know what Gluten even is? 

This is just too much, for the 1 per cent who have digestive problems related to gluten I’m glad they have more choices, for the rest of us…Please food companies(and others), please look up the definition of Gluten and quite labeling food and other products that couldn’t possibly have gluten in them, like the above mentioned filters, Gluten Free!

Oh, and their filters are chlorine free, which I can kind of understand, but Kosher certified? Shouldn’t it be the coffee that is Kosher certified and not the filters? Silly me, but we’re not mixing meat and dairy here unless you add milk to the coffee, but that’s an entirely different subject!

Ok I’m sure you noticed it’s Saturday but I wrote this last night while on a rant…but I’m passionate about this subject, being a bread( yes gluten is my friend, and no I don’t want to make gluten-free bread) baker.

I do however recreate ancient breads and make a fabulous Focaccia!



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