On Top of Lava Butte

Lava Butte is a cinder cone rising 500 feet above Lava Lands Visitor Center.  A cinder covered trail encircles the rim of the cone with outstanding views.  The parking lot on top of Lava Butte is limited to 10 vehicles, so 30 minute time passes are issued at the Lava Lands Welcome Station on a first come, first served basis. There is a working Fire Lookout atop Lava Butte. You may enter the room beneath the Lookout and view the panoramic photos that help identify the peaks in view.

The above paragraph is from fs.fed.us The US Forest site.

The view from Lava Butte is awesome, getting to the top is tricky. The road is a small two lane affair that winds around the cone, from bottom to top. We almost missed the sign to get there. but the cone is barely of the highway so its hard to get lost for long. The ground is pebbled with reddish lava rocks.

Lava Rocks, Lava Butte

Lava Rocks, Lava Butte

That’s the crater in the distance, dry now but when the rains come it fills up. There isn’t the basalt lava rock here like Crater Lake so the water seeps out again.






Parking lot

parking lot view

parking lot view


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