Ritner Covered Bridge, Oregon


Ritner Creek bridge was the last covered bridge on an Oregon state highway.
In 1976, the bridge was lifted from its foundation and relocated just downstream of its original site and replaced by a concrete bridge.
The bridge was constructed in 1927 by Hamer and Curry Contractors to Oregon State Highway Commission plans. The initial construction cost was $6,964.
The original portal design was rounded at the edges but was changed to a square design in the early 1960s to accommodate larger loads to pass.
HOW TO GET THERE: From Interstate 5 exit 258 and follow Portland Road 5 miles to the junction of Highway 22 (Marion Street). Turn right (west) crossing the Willamette River, and continue 17 miles to Dallas. From Dallas travel south on Highway 223 approximately 12 miles through Pedee. Ritner Creek Bridge is approximately 3.5 miles south of Pedee.
A plaque inside the bridge also tells us:
Ritner Creek Bridge was named for pioneer, Sebastian Ritner who arrived in Oregon in 1845. Some of his descendants still live in the a area.



Ritter Bridge

Ritner Bridge

Ritner Covered Bridge

Ritner Covered Bridge

Notice the picnic tables, where once there were cars driving through.




My husband standing inside

My husband standing inside



The bridge today spans Ritner creek, view is from the bridge.

Good site for information, covered-bridges.org


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