Wimer Covered Bridge, Oregon

Wimer Bridge, in the city of the same name, is the only covered bridge in Jackson county, Oregon that you can still drive through.

The original Wimer Covered Bridge was built n 1892 by J.W. Osbourne but, in 1927, was totally replaced by Jason Hartman, then Jackson County bridge superintendent. Over the years the Evans Creek crossing received numerous repairs, but time and use took its toll on the aging span. In 1962 attentive residents saved the bridge from destruction when a citizens effort rebuilt the weakening structure. Load limits were set at 3 tons with no heavy truck traffic allowed.

Over the years with the changing times the bridge has undergone major changes of its own, in 1927,1962 and most recently in 2004  after its collapse in 2003.

These days with a new bridge in place, thanks to the caring community of Wimer, you can still drive through this beautiful reminder of a slower and picturesque life style, all but forgotten, except on the ” road less traveled.”



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