Happy NewYear 2016


Pink Martini in concert New Years Eve 2015

Last night I saw my first ever Pink Martini concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland. What a fantastic show. Special guests included members of the Von Trapp Family. China Forbes was also there of course.

I moved to portland in 1995 and of naturally I became aquanted with the name Pink Martini  and my husband and I even have a couple of their cd’s, but it wasn’t until I was looking at their web site pink martini.com, that I realized the band got it’s start only a year before I came into town. Was that a surprise! Looking at their calander for next year it’s impressive, as was their show.

We  don’t usually go out New Year’s Eve and this show was their early performance at 7 PM but I thoroughly enjoyed every munute of it and look foward to the next time Pink Martini is in town for a New Year’s concert–maybe we will go to the late performance and see what pandemonium reins!

Best to you 2016…and many, many new posts from me!

By Joanna Linsley -Poe 2016


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