I missed my moment

Yesterday I missed a perfect opportunity for a photo, one that should never have gotten away from me. We got our car hung up on a large rock, should I say small bolder, at a wetlands we went to visit for some bird watching. I could show you but no I forgot to take a photo…don’t let this happen to you and I need to redouble my efforts to never let it happen to me again. I don’t usually rant but…..sometimes you have to a little.
My iPad mini is my camera among other things and it was with me, but still while waiting for AAA to come and rescue our car, I lost my presence of mind and missed my photo moment- never again.
A photographer friend from years past told me to never go anywhere without my camera, that it should be second nature, he was so right.
No picture…that would be the one I missed, but another post today which will.


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