What’s wrong with Starbucks?

What’s wrong with Strabucks, they never seem to get my order right anymore! I’m a confirmed coffee drinker, so I can find a decent cup of coffee almost anywhere but my husband who discovered coffee late and who likes cold coffee drinks, enjoys Starbucks frappa(I don’t want to infringe on copyright laws),uccino,blended drinks,so that’s where we go for coffee a lot of the time.
Whipped cream, that’s all I ask, but invariably these days even though I make sure the barista knows I want it, I either don’t get enough or I get none at all! Maybe it’s the non-fat milk I want,( I usually get a mocha with non- fat milk and whipped cream ), that confuses people…no since I make sure to ask for the cream I should get it right? My husbands drink always contains ample whipped cream…more than enough so…what’s the deal?
For 4.00 plus dollars for a single drink you would think you could get what you want and indeed many do, just not me. Maybe my drink is not complicated enough!
I guess I’ll have to try harder.
Just as an aside I found this article on coffee as I looked for an image to use.
Great stuff for those who are forever addicted to coffee.
By joanna Linsley-Poe
Copyright 2014 all rights reserved.

The link below will take you to: Coffee: Drug, Medicine Or Sacrament?

July 31, 2014 | By Sayer Ji


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