Winter bird feeder

We are in the middle of an ice storm today, small in comparison to the ones I experienced in Minnesota when I lived there, but a local nuisance all the same.
People in Oregon don’t know how to handle these events so I find, if I’m able, that it’s best to stay at home until it passes. In Minnesota I had occasions where I had to chip off over 2 inches of ice off my car! By the way, it helps to start chipping with the drivers door so you can get to the ignition and start your car to help with the process!. Here I just stay away from the mess
Outside my kitchen I have a bird feeder, which today is sporting icicles.
I caught a couple of photos to show.
Happy winter…I mean autumn?

Photos and text,copyright 2014
Joanna Linsley-Poe


Here is another with the gold finches.



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