Dogs, Dogs? and Then There is Jack!!


Yes that’s me and if I may say, and I do, the absolute best dog in the world, Jack!
Jack was a German Shepard my Uncle Bob brought back with him from the Korean War. It must have been early on because although I have no one to ask by now, I couldn’t have been more than 3 or maybe 4 years old. Funny how time plays tricks on memory, still I know for sure by the time the war was over I was 6 and living in Phoenix. The picture was taken in Minnesota and we left there around the time I was three….
Now that I try to recall the events I remember Jack had trouble fitting into “peace time” life because of the training the army gave him to protect the officer he was assigned to , namely my Uncle. Jack was a war dog, trained to protect, to kill if necessary. He was taught in German presumably to confound the Koreans and to prevent anyone else from giving him commands. To me Jack was just a friend to lean on. He let me pull his tail, use him for a pillow, and I’m sure if they made dresses for German Shepards, he would have let me dress him as well, he was that kind of dog. The kind of dog that would protect and defend you with his life, and be a hero and friend to a little girl who needed one!


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