A new one

Just when I’ve seen it all a new twist comes along to prove that I still have a lot to learn.
Case in point is an easy one, my hopper bird feeder became the focus of birder panic…the birds not my own.
Looking out earlier today, just about dusk I saw a small bird bobbing
up and down and weaving side to side.
At first I thought nothing of it, there’s always something going on out there…then again it didn’t, look right. A female Goldfinch was inside the feeder where the seed should be! I swear!
I can only think the goldfinch was trying to get some seeds from the center of the feeder, it was almost empty at the time. The bird must have pushed the plastic up and out of its way only to have it fall back into place after the bird was inside, trapping it.

Gold finch made it inside…couldn’t get out!

You can see the plastic behind the goldfinch feeding at the bottom. It’s been raining here the last few days, hence the quality of the photos.

My husband said later I should have made a video, but at the time I could only think of putting the bird out of its misery by letting it out as quickly as I could.
By Joanna Linsley-Poe
Copyright 2014



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