Yes we have no banana’s– just pumpkins galore!

It’s the season of the pumpkin! This year more than ever you can find food and yes even coffee drinks flavored with pumpkin. The drinks are not entirely new, I’ve seen them for a few years, as is the pumpkin bread. Pies made with pumpkin are a staple I know, but now there’s pumpkin energy bars, yogurt and as I left the store today I swear I saw pumpkin chips ( an interesting take on the potato but not quite the same thing )!

I’m afraid I like my pumpkin the traditional way, in a pie, or stepping out on the wild side, as bread, all the others are over kill. Personally it’s a bit like Thanksgiving for me. After I eat diner,make sandwiches, a casserole or what ever I don’t want to see turkey again for at least 6 months ( yes, I know that rules out Christmas, but isn’t the that why so many people make ham in the first place )?
I have a fondness for banana muffins, with chocolate chips, and bread with pecans, for which it looks as if I’ll either have to make my own,( I’m still looking for a good recipe ), or wait until after the new year to get either one. Mind you this is despite the fact bananas are available all year. It just goes to show…sometimes it’s not what you want it’s what the gods of advertising think you want whether you like it or not.
Anyone with s banana recipe? How about pumpkin spice?
Bon Apptite!
By Joanna Linsley-Poe
Copyright October 2014
Photo from Wikipedia



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