Pet Peeves of mine

Here are some of my peeves:

People who smoke Cigarettes to close to the entrance of a building.

People who seen incapable of parking their car straight no matter how much room they have. People who park so close that you can’t even get your car door open let alone get into your car, and people who park half in a no parking zone and half in the space next to it.

Clerks in a store, or anywhere else for that matter, who are to sunny and happy before my 2nd cup of coffee.

Salespeople who after asking me if I need help, keep following me around making suggestions about merchandise even though I have told then I’m just looking.
There are also stores like Best Buy that have so many customer service agents you are asked about every five minutes, by a different clerk, if you need help and then when you do actually have a question they are nowhere around.

People who are sunny and bright without drinking any coffee! Those people make me nervous. There’s just something wrong with anyone who doesn’t like coffee! My opinion of course.

Cashiers and customers at the supermarket checkout line who hold “family” reunions or oh and ah over small children— especially when you are in a desperate hurry to get anywhere else like you

Hotel bathrooms without grab bars or enough grab bars in the bathroom. Also not enough towels.

Speaking of hotels…What’s up with not bring fresh towels for two days. Oh we got towels but only after we called the front desk twice and then the clerk didn’t take the dirty towels he just brought new ones. Poor service I should say. I’m all for reusing towels to conserve water but in this case we needed fresh ones which were hard to come by.

A peeve of mine is not enough creamer to go in my coffee and paper cups that are 8 ounces and the coffee maker brews 12 ounces. Why would a hotel do such a thing?
Oh and what about pod coffee, if your going to have a pod coffee maker, at least give me good coffee!
To be continued…

September 28, 2014 copyright


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