My Surefire Recipe for Non-Smoking(quitting that is)

It has been many years since I quite smoking, let’s see next January it will be 46 years, and only one small relapse about 6 months later. I broke up with my boyfriend, so it was understandable and I smoked only about 5 cigarettes, before I figured out my lungs were going to explode if I didn’t stop! Besides the boyfriend and I got back together so what was the point.
TWA ( Trans World Airlines ), got me started and helped me quit as well.
I worked in reservation/ sales as high stress as you could get and not work for air traffic control or be a hostess on a flight itself. I’ll leave TWA stories for another time but it was the stress of the job that got me started.
To be honest even when I smoked a pack a day, I was hard pressed to continue, I would get nausea, dizzy and I couldn’t stand the smell. Mostly, everyone around me smoked and it did seem to help with the stress, or so I told myself.
At the time TWA had offices in Albuquerque where I lived. The policy was a week off after the first year, so since I love England, I went the first chance I got even though it was still January.
Albuquerque sits right around 5,000 feet above sea level, London is at or below sea level, I just wasn’t prepared for what such a difference in altitudes was going to do to me. I felt as if I had a 2 ton truck sitting on my chest daring me to take another puff! I wasn’t virtuous, no worry about the environment, though I had read Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring. I wanted that puff, that cigarette, I just couldn’t inhale, I would be crushed!
So I stopped, it’s just that simple. I desired to smoke for a year or two after, but just the thought of how sick I got stopped me every time! Eventually I even stopped craving cigarettes… I did come home to New Mexico With a half a pack still in my suit case. I don’t remember if that was my way of giving myself an “out” if I needed it or just to prove I could…
It’s been so long I consider myself always a non smoker but I’m not…..There was once upon a time…..
So having trouble quitting? Get thee hither to London and give it a try! Maybe it will work for you as well, you never know.
By Joanna Linsley- Poe
Copyright September 23, 2014



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