A Gaggle of Crows

Crows like to get together in groups or so every birding book I’ve ever read has said. Recently I have seen two or more checking out the trees in my neighborhood as I go on my daily walk. I have seen crows many times on bird walks but always one or two at a time. For a larger gatherings I have to take myself back forty or so years to a time when I was living in Albuquerque New Mexico.
At the time I was living in Old Town across from a vacant field that has since become Tiguex Park. In the middle of that field there was a very large tree ( possibility an oak tree, I’m not sure ). Toward sunset you could see the crows start to congregate, ten, twenty, until the tree was full of them. The noise was deafening for maybe thirty minutes or so then they went quite until dawn. I was a night owl then so I used to stay up until first light and watch what was by then a hundred or so birds take flight into the morning sky, every day they did this I’m sure until the tree was cut down and they had to find another. The only other time I have seen that many birds do what birders call a fly out was south of Albuquerque near Socorro at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge when thousands of Sand Hill Cranes and Snow Geese stop there to fatten up for their migration north.
I checked for that tree one visit back in the city and it was indeed gone to make way for picnic tables and Jungle Jim’s for children to play on, but I miss the crows nonetheless, it was truly a sight to see.



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