Out on a limb

I’m going out on a limb here and saying there’s something seriously wrong in bring a dog into any store ( food or no food ) unless it’s a service dog. By service dog I don’t mean for emotional support I mean for some sort of disability that would prevent the person with the service dog from functioning without it. Yorkshire terriers are not service dogs!
I see this all the time,small dogs in grocery stores, coffee shops even department stores, the big question is why? Is the dog going to help pick out the right dress, tell you what color is better, I think not! Need emotional support to order your mocha, maybe you should invest in counseling instead. These dogs should be left at home- please. What about people who are allergic to dogs, what about them?
A service dog for example should be one helping someone who is blind, para or quadriplegic, deaf or any number of other disabilities that require help for the person to be independent!
I say this with all understanding. I have Cerebral Palsy myself and although I do not have the need of a service dog I empathize with those who do.
Pity the store owner, large or small, who is caught with his back to the wall on this issue. The disabilities act makes it hard to stop people from bring in dogs because you cannot ask about a persons disability without the potential for a lawsuit!
Now that I’ve had my say, it’s not my intent to offend anyone who has need of a service dog, still I don’t mind if those who do not, taking notice and perhaps respecting the rights of the rest of us.



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