Speed Dating for Friendships

Why is it some people want to know you better than you want to know yourself, and instantly too- like speed dating, only there isn’t any name for it but there should be. It feels at times just like speed interrogation or some time of inquisition.
I met someone like that recently, question after question, some just general, then again some of the questions were just way to personal. This type of speed inquisition isn’t new you understand. Even before the internet, I phone, iPads you name it…these people existed, I don’t know about you but this type of behavior has two effects on me. Either I try to beg off early or like a zombie or a deer in headlights I just answer question after question like some drone!

Me I like to slow dance with friendships. Getting to know every nuance of a new personality.
I think you end up with really close friendships this way, but maybe fewer than I would like.

A lot recently has kept me from posting, like not having wi-fi so have patience with me dear reader, more soon!


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