Health Care for All

Sorry for the absence, it’s been too long since my last post!
The republicans in the senate just tabled the healthcare bill, not having enough votes to pass it. what a surprise…or is it since no one is sure exactly what it covers. How about another approach. Instead of dragging disabled people from the senate floor, how about inviting them in to give their insights and comments on health care. In fact that’s exactly what needs to happen, any and all groups need to be able to have input into a new health care system if it has a chance to succeed.
I’m for Medicare for all. As a disabled person on Medicare I see that it’s not perfect but that could be changed. Medicare is a system that already has a infrastructure in place…it just needs to be expanded.
Let’s see the democrats and republications work on that!u





Here are photos of Shiprock , near the town of Shiprock NewMexico( for those not familiar with the location). These photos were taken last March in the afternoon. When we return I’ll try to get morning shots, hopefully when it not so cloudy and stormy.

My first look at Shiprock reminded me of the small island in Crater Lake…a miniature Shiprock. The photo is included here.









Windows&Doors,Aztec Ruins 2

It amazed me is the way the windows lined up from building to building and that goes for the doors as well.


This is last photo I published before but it reminds me of the same occurrences at Chaco Canyon…doors walled up when someone dies.

Could this be the case at Aztec, I think so.


Windows & Doors,Aztec Ruins

The arrangement of the windows inside the Kiva and the light reflected  through them fascinates me. The time spent observing the Sun to get the placement just right…in so many of our ancient cultures it was so important to do that…to take the time.

Inside the Kiva


Aztec Ruins National Monument,Aztec New Mexico

For those who don’t know(I didn’t), Aztec is near Farmington in the Four Corners area.

The monument boasts a reconstructed Kiva which I have a photo of.

Below is information from the National Park service web site.

Near Aztec, New Mexico over 1,000 years ago, Ancestral Pueblo people constructed a large planned community that served their society for over two centuries. Aztec Ruins National Monument, which is part of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park World Heritage Site, preserves the remains of this well planned community, which is the largest Ancestral Puebloan community in the Animas River Valley. While the Ancestral Pueblo people are responsible for the construction of this site, the ruins received their name when early European settlers mistakenly attributed the ruins to the Aztecs of Mexico. A visit to the park provides not only a glimpse into the lives of Ancestral Pueblo people but also a place to connect with the cultural heritage of American Indians today.

These photos were taken the last two days in March.

The Reconstructed Kiva:

My Husband at the entrance

More to come…Stay tuned!